Red Bags and Full Sharps Containers Disposal

Red Bags and Full Sharps Containers Disposal

Sharps container consolidation & Red Bag clean-up. 

If your office generates “Red Bag” medical waste or you have existing full red sharps containers, replace your expensive waste pick-up company with the Red Bag and Sharps Container Mail-back System. Available in 5 gallon, 8 gallon and 18 gallons size to fit your offices needs. Fill the container with full sharps containers and/or red bags. When full, place the container inside the pre-paid postage box, complete waste manifest and give the box to your mailman. Your regulated medical waste is delivered to the manufacturer assigned facility to take care of treatment and disposal.

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No Loose Sharps or Red Bag waste - when using these products.

*It is generator's/user's responsibility to follow Federal, State & Local regulations for treatment & disposal of waste.

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