Print Shipping Labels

Ship Back to Recycle:The Links below will redirect you to manufacturer's web-portal, shipping label page. Please follow the instructions. You may have to register with manufacturer and /or have account number and shipping code ready to print a label. 


 WCM Inc. 

Require to Register to Print shipping label.
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Solmetex Products are Dropped Shipped.

Ease of use of our recycling program has always been top priority at Solmetex

Please keep packing slip/note down your Solmetex account number on packing slip. 
It is required to login to print shipping label. 

Please visitNew Shipping Procedure

Solmetex's return by web portal allows you the ability to print out UPS shipping label, so you can return full containers and waste buckets. (Approved Solmetex Packaging Required) Click the link below to print shipping label.You will be redirected to Solmetex web portal.