X-Ray & Photo Chemical Treatment & Disposal

The Federal EPA Hazardous Waste RCRA Regulations define hazardous amounts of silver as greater than 5 PPM, therefore processing chemicals are considered hazardous if they are un-treated.

We offer, on-site treatment and self disposal products, like Chemgon® 

Our patented, in-office treatment product safely converts hazardous photo processing chemicals, including Fixer and Developer or Stabilizer and Activator, into a non-hazardous solid waste, safe for disposal in your regular trash. When used correctly, hazardous processing chemicals never leave your office.

Independent testing, including Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedures (TCLP), has demonstrated used x-ray processing fluids, photo processing fluids, and graphic arts chemicals treated with Chemgon® are below the threshold of hazardous waste.


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