BioSURF Surface Disinfectant 24 Oz Spray Bottle Case Of 4


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BioSURF Surface Disinfectant 24 Oz Spray Bottle Case Of 4 

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The health friendly BioSURF is the world’s fastest, EPA registered, one-step surface disinfectant with a 50-second TB kill time and an impressive 3-minute broad spectrum kill in presence of human blood. Contains all biodegradable materials. 

A ready to use, Lime scented Hospital Level Disinfectant for Hard Surfaces in Professional Settings.

  • BioSURF Is the world’s fastest one-step surface disinfectant with a 50-second TB Kill Time and a 3-minute broad spectrum Kill Time.
  • User and eco-friendly (view protocol sheet: click here)
  • Kills SARS, TB, HIV, and Corona Virus
  • Intended to be used with a dry wipe such as a paper towel
  • BioSURF should be purchased in 90-day increments and is sold in cases
  • Not available as a wet wipe
  • EPA Registration Number 70467-3 | EPA Producer Establishment No. 070467-CAN-001

Spray BioSURF lightly as a mist over surfaces to be disinfected. Wait one minute then wipe thoroughly with disposable paper towels.

USP/Food Grade Ingredients: Contains NO Quats, phenols or aldehydes. Does not contain recently noted hormone disrupting surfactants based on Nonyl-phenyl Ethoxylates. Contains biodegradable surfactants and USP grain derived absolute Ethanol.
Bioload Resistant: BioSURF disinfects well in heavy blood and protein environments. Effective against mature pellicle colonies (Biofilm) of Pseudomonas sp. 1-Study available upon request 
Economical: The Spray - Wipe technique with BioSURF uses 50% less product than Spray - Wipe - Spray method.
Non-Corrosive Non-Staining: Will not corrode metals, stain or stick as do water-based Chlorine, Chlorhexidine or Iodine products. 
Time Saving: One minute disinfection means each client turnaround with BioSURF saves up to 9 minutes vs. other products.
Staff Friendly: Protects staff from aerosols generated by spraying toxic chemicals. Gloves and Mask are not necessary as BioSURF is kind to skin.

Free shipping: Ground shipping only in 48 contiguous states. 

Note: The product is not available in the following states: (AK, HI, other US Territories)

Helpful Tip: ALWAYS WIPE - BioSURF contains detergents that may be slippery or build up.
                   CAUTION - NOT FOR USE on acrylic latex painted surfaces or vinyl upholstery. Avoid longer than 10 minutes contact time with rubber or latex materials.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review