Isolyser®/SMS®m - Sharps Mail-back Disposal Products - FAQ

Isolyser®/SMS®m - Sharps Mail-back Disposal Products - FAQ

What is the Isolyser®/SMS®m Sharps Mail-back disposal system?

Isolyser®/SMS®m is the most convenient and cost-effective way to dispose of sharps medical waste. Each product includes: storage container, prepaid return postage, treatment and disposal. No waste collection service is needed; save time and money when you choose Isolyser®/SMS®m.

How does Isolyser®/SMS®m work?

Place needles, syringes and other sharps medical waste in the Isolyser®/SMS®m container. When full, place the container inside its box and give to your mailman. The US Postal Service will deliver your package to us for treatment and disposal.

Print your shipping label here.

Isolyser®/SMS®m is the ideal product for Medical, Dental and Veterinary offices.

What are the key benefits of using the Isolyser®/SMS®m mail-back system?

  • Compliant and Easy to use
  • Save Time and Money
  • Dispose of sharps and red-bag medical waste, without a collection service
  • Consolidate suppliers; purchase Isolyser®/SMS®m from your supply partner.
  • Greater control; no preset disposal schedule, you decide when containers are full, not the pick-up company.
  • No paying for disposal of half-empty containers
  • Better for the environment; smaller Carbon Footprint than old style waste collection, treatment and disposal services

How is the Isolyser®/SMS®m better then a collection service?

Convenience and cost; collection companies drive large trucks to pick up relatively small amounts of waste from your practice. In other words, collection services are inefficient, expensive and not the best option for your practice.

By comparison, Isolyser®/SMS®m mail-back product leverages the US Postal Service, which visits your office each day. And, because Isolyser®/SMS®m handled like any other package, it's more efficient and eliminates unnecessary pollution and truck traffic.

Is the Isolyser®/SMS®m approved for use in my State?

Yes, Isolyser®/SMS®m may be used in ALL 50 states. FDA approvals for Isolyser®/SMS®m products are available here.

Can I use the Isolyser®/SMS®m mail-back product to dispose of medical waste, including saturated gauze, cotton rolls and gloves?

Yes, you may dispose of "red bag" medical waste using Isolyser®/SMS®m mail-back products. Simply follow directions on the label or refer to local regulations (if they differ).

Offices that generate a higher volume of red bag medical waste prefer Isolyser®/SMS®m 5.3 Gallon mail-back product. Container, prepaid return postage, treatment and disposal are included.

We have several full, red sharps containers. How do we dispose of them?

Choose the Isolyser®/SMS®m 5.3 Gallon mail-back container to dispose of full sharps containers and "red bag" medical waste.

What do I do with extracted teeth?

If extracted teeth are contaminated with dental amalgam, use Amalgon®, our amalgam recycling product. It's available from your supply partner. Otherwise, you may dispose of extracted teeth in the Isolyser®/SMS®m container.

We have limited counter space in our practice. Is a wall-mount available?

yes, a locking wall mount is available for the SRS 800, SMS 2400 and the SMS 4000 containers. Order locking wall mount units from your dealer.

The collection company says we're under contract. What are my options?

Disposal contracts include an early termination provision, which may include a fee. Most customers save more than enough to recoup early termination fees within one year.

There are NO contracts with any; use them because you like them and they're the best option for your business!