Bio-Hazard/ Sharps Container Cleanup - PWS-BH-20 - 20 G

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Product Overview

Bio-Hazard/Sharps Container Cleanup - PWS-BH-20 

Size: 20 Gallons

For the existing, full sharps container consolidation and Red Bag waste Disposal

Variable size containers offered to collect bio hazard needles, broken glass, paper towels, gloves, articles of clothing, bandages and gauze.

Mailback kit includes prepaid return shipping container with disposal and proper documentation

Sharps Container Cosolidation: Must dispose whole, existing sharp container,(No lose sharps allowed), in Bio-Hazard container. Follow the instruction to ship-back for the disposal.

20 gallon system can accommodate the approximately the following sharp containers:

  • 28 - 1 Quart container
  •   8 - 1 Gallon container
  •   6 - 5 Quart container
  •   5 - 2 Gallon container
  •   3 - 3 Gallon container 


  • Drop Shipment only from Solmetex.
  • Normally shipped within 8 to 10 business days.
  • This product is non-returnable. 

Ship Back to Recycle:
New Shipping Procedure: Ease of use of our recycling program has always been top priority at Solmetex.

Ship Back - Print UPS shipping Label
FAQs - SolmeteX Dental Compliance


*It is generator's/user's responsibility to follow Federal, State & Local regulations
for treatment & disposal of waste.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review